Do You Need to Service Your Diesel Particulate Filter?

Most new vehicles today are fitted with a diesel particulate filter, designed to remove harmful engine emissions, so they are not sprayed into the atmosphere instead. While these are meant to perform a certain amount of housekeeping by themselves in the form of regeneration, they are not designed to be foolproof. So, from time to time, you will need to take your vehicle in to get this component serviced. What do you need to know about this procedure? [Read More]

The Choice of Headlight Bulbs for Your Truck

Several years ago, getting a new bulb for your commercial truck was a simple process. You would probably walk into a supplier's store, pick the most affordable from a range of two or three bulbs and head out. Today, your options are quite different. Headlight bulbs have come a long way in terms of technology, pricing and the results they deliver. Therefore, choosing a good bulb for your truck's headlight requires a thorough knowledge of the working mechanisms and the outcome of each combination. [Read More]

Is Your Steering Rack Failing? 3 Quick Ways to Find Out

The steering rack is the heart of your vehicle's steering system. It comprises components whose function is to send a signal from your steering wheel's circular motion to the part of the steering system that makes it possible to make smooth turns. Like with many mechanical components, the steering rack will wear out after some time or develop a few problems. Driving with a faulty steering rack can be extremely dangerous because it will affect your ability to manoeuvre the car. [Read More]

3 Signs Your Car Needs the Attention of a Car Mechanic

While you may carry out some car maintenance such as checking the condition of the tyres, other maintenance practices might require a proficient mechanic. Car problems require the expertise of a certified car mechanic. Fixing car problems yourself can be risky and time-consuming because you may not have specialised tools to do it. Even if the car problem looks a bit minor, you should take your vehicle to a competent mechanic for professional help. [Read More]